Saving money and time at the airport


20131201-025722 PM.jpg

Two tips to travel the cheapy way while booking a flight and at the airport.

Do you really need a check-in luggage?
If you hesitated more than a second for this question, then read the following.

Most, not to say all airlines offer a free carry-on bag for every flight. Some got limitations, like weight and size. There is two ways to act better, only using this free space and avoiding paying 30-50$ in a checked-in one.

The first one, obviously, is to travel lighter! Do you really need to take that teddy bear your grandma offered you when you were a baby? Think twice about your packing list. If you’re not sure that you will use an item – drop it and keep it at home. You’ll feel more free and your sweating back will be grateful to you.

Secondly, a lot of people buy everything they need before leaving, I’m talking mostly about toiletries such as sun cream, sunglasses, toothpaste, etc. If your destination is not Iceland, chances are that you can easily find some of those for the same price or cheaper than in your hometown, especially if you’re traveling to Asia, Africa or South America. If you can manage to live without your toothbrush for a day of travel or two, then your wallet will say thank you!

Thirdly, the “funky” way to avoid paying taxes and my personal favourite: travel with a jacket, and put the maximum in your pockets. Even if you have to put your toothbrush, camera, phone charger in it, it’s a way to save money. Wear two pants and 3 shirts at the same time, and go like this only until the check-in counters – then, stuff your bag again.

Traveling with only a carry-on luggage not only avoid some fees, but also time! This nice feeling when you land at the airport and you can directly go out without waiting 30mn for your luggage!

Keep hydrated
Your hear it a lot. The air of the cabin in the plane is pressurized and extremely dry, so you should drink. But when you’re flying low-cost, you might have to pay for your in-flight drink, and it’s not the cheapest ones!

It’s always useful to pass the security check-in at the airport with an empty plastic bottle. If it’s not full, it’s allowed. Yup, even for a 2 liters one.
And the most amazing thing with worldwide airports renovation is that there’s now a free drinking water machine, or tap water if it’s drinkable, quite everywhere. Take a look for it and fill your bottle after the security – it might not be the freshest and tastiest water, but it works – and you’re allowed to bring it with you on the plane!


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