It’s more fun with a jeepney

Jeepney in Banawa area, Cebu

Jeepney in Banawa area, Cebu

A taxi? Boring. A metro? Cold, full of inanimated people… Even worse. Now as they say: “it’s more fun in the Philippines”, this country is actually packed with something who is not a bus, neither a taxi, and absolutely not a metro: jeepneys.

Jeepneys are a kind of 2 benches bus with open back, usually 60 years-old looking, with a capacity of approximately 20 persons, who are everywhere at anytime. They are ridiculously cheap (8 peso/0.2$ for a ride) and extremely funky. It’s quite easy to get around with those since their path is written in huge characters on their windows.

And still, if you’re in the middle of the city and don’t know how to get to your destination, ask the locals! Filipino people got the true reputation to be very friendly and got a perfect English.

How to take one of those? Easy peasy. Wave your hand when you see one, jump in, grab a seat and give the money to the driver. Want to stop? Just shout “lugar lang” or beat the metal bar on top of your head with a coin 2 times.
It’s safe, and since there’s not a lot of foreigners who travel with those you might be the center of interests and could learn a lot of details, speaking with your journey neighbors, about the true Filipino culture.

And if you were wondering, Philippines is really a cheap destination for travelers. Give a try to this unique Asian country under South American influences!

Ayo ayo!


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